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Human Whole Exome Sequencing-07

BMKCloud bioinformatics analysis platform integrates bioinformatics analysis software, database and cloud computing to unlock the value in your high-throughput sequencing data and accelerate biological insights. It provides a variety of integrated APPs, bioinformatics software and mapping tools, including conventional process analysis and personalized process analysis. It can help domestic genomics researchers quickly complete the data analysis of high-throughput sequencing data from downtime to later stage, search and integration analysis of relevant public data (public sequencing data, literature, functional gene information, etc.), study and exchange of analytical techniques and research ideas, so that users can independently carry out large-scale biological data analysis anytime, anywhere, so as to achieve more efficient science from multiple perspectives. 

BMKCloud Platform Functions


10+ Flexible Analysis APPs

Both conventional and personalized analysis pipeline of genomics,transcriptomics, microbiomics, and epigenomics, etc. for your reference and selection.


20+ Powerful Analysis tools

A wide variety of bioinformatics analysis tools to organize, interpret, and visualize your high-throughput sequencing data.

Explore Features in BMKCloud


BMKCloud Analysis Platform powerful servers with up to 32 cores, SSD disks and enhanced networking to ensure you get your results quickly, save your precious time and speed up the research process.


Flexible analysis worlflows that include both conventional analysis pipelines and personalized analysis pipelines in your own account allows you to use your own system parameter according to your experiment design and research goal.


BMKCloud Analysis Platform, with a strong decentralized deployment capability ,  provides safe and reliable bioinformatics analysis services for your hight-throughput seqencing data.  The platform integrates state-of-the-art bioinformatic tools and embedded with best-practice analysis pipelines that ensure the widely-used and accurate method is available for the data processing. 


With just a click, get the visualization you need for the next generation sequencing data you have. The graphical operation interface is easy for you to interprete you data quickly and view or share data with others through multiple channels at any time, and enjoy the convenience of interpreting data in the cloud era..

How BMKCloud Analysis Platform Works


Import Data

Sign-up online, import and convert common file types with a simple drag and drop.

Data analysis

Data Analysis

Fully automated analysis pipelines for multi-omics research areas.

Sample QC

Report Delivery

The results are available online in customizable and interactive reports.


Data Mining

20 + items of personalized analysis function, to achieve meaningful insights.

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