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Nanopore Full-length transcriptome


Nanopore Full-length transcriptome

Nanopore transcriptome sequencing is a powerful method for sequencing full-length cDNAs, accurately identifying and quantifying transcript isoforms. The BMKCloud Nanopore Full-Length Transcriptome Pipeline is designed to analyze RNA-Seq data generated on the Nanopore platform against a high-quality well-annotated reference genome, providing qualitative and quantitative analysis at both the gene and transcript level. After quality control, full-length non-chimeric (FLNC) sequences are obtained and consensus sequences are mapped to the reference genome to remove redundant transcripts. From this transcript set, expression is quantified and differentially expressed genes and transcripts are identified and functionally annotated. The pipeline also includes alternative polyadenylation (APA) analysis, alternative splicing analysis, simple sequence repeat (SSR) analysis, prediction of lncRNA and corresponding targets, prediction of coding sequences (CDS), gene family analysis, transcription factor analysis, prediction of novel genes and functional annotation of transcripts.




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