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Bacteria Complete Genome

Biomarker Technologies provides sequencing service on constructing complete genome of bacteria with zero gap. Main workflow of bacteria complete genome construction includes third generation sequencing, assembly, functional annotation and advanced bioinformatic analysis fulfilling specific research goals. A more comprehensive profiling of bacteria genome empowers revealing of fundamental mechanisms underlying their biological processes, which could also provide valuable reference for genomic researches in higher eukaryotic species

Platform:Nanopore PromethION P48 + Illumina NovaSeq Platform

PacBio Sequel II

Service Details

Demo Results

Service Advantages

● Multiple sequencing strategies available for different research goals

● Bacteria complete genome with 0 Gap guaranteed.

● Highly experienced in bacteria genome assembly with over 10,000 complete genome assembled.

● Professional after-sale technical support team fulfilling more specific research needs.

Service Specifications

Sequencing Strategy


Quality guaranteed

Estimated turn-around time

Nanopore 100X + Illumina 50X

Nanopore 20K


0 Gap

30 Days

PacBio HiFi 30X

PacBio 10K

Bioinformatics analyses

● Raw data quality control

● Genome assembly

● Genome component analysis

● Gene function annotation

● Comparative genomic analysis


Sample Requirements and Delivery

Sample Requirements:

For DNA extracts:

Sample Type




DNA extracts

> 2 μg

> 20 ng/μl

OD260/280= 1.6-2.5

For tissue samples:

Sample type Recommended sample treatment Sample storage and shipment
Bacteria Observe bacteria under microscope and collect bacteria in their exponential phase

Transfer the bacteria culture (containing approx. 3-4.5e9 cells) into a 1.5 or 2 ml eppendorf. (Keep on ice)

Centrifuge the tube for 1 min at 14000  g to collect bacteria and remove the supernatant carefully

Seal the tube and freeze the bacteria in liquid nitrogen for at least 30 min. Store the tube in -80 ℃ fridge.

Freeze the samples in liquid nitrogen for 3-4 hours and store in liquid nitrogen or -80 degree to long-term reservation. Sample shipping with dry-ice is required.

Service Work Flow

sample delivery

Sample delivery

Library Preparation

Library construction



Data analysis

Data analysis

After sale Services

After-sale services

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