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Our History


2009.5 Biomarker Technologies was founded.

2009.11 First SLAF sequencing service provider globally.

2009.11 First relocation with setting up of molecular lab and server clusters.


2010.9 Illumina GAIIx platform was built..


2011.11 Awarded as National High-Tech Enterprise.


2012.7 Employees exceeded one hundred.

2012.9 National-wide marketing network was founded.


2013.1 Medical services were set up.

2013.5 BMKCloud platform development started up.

2013.8 First patent certification awarded.

2013.8 A-round financing completed.

2013.8 Beijing postdoc innovative workstation set up in Biomarker Technologies.

2013.10 Paper on kiwi genome published.

2013.10 Illumina HiSeq 2500 platform was built.

2013,11 Business abroaded and second relocation.


2014.8 Illumina HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq platforms were built.

2014.9 BMKCloud platform launched.


2015.5 More advanced instruments deployed.

2015.5 B-round financing completed.

2015.10 Commercially available BMKCloud set up.

2015.11 Functional Gennomics Summit II,2015 in Beijing.


2016.6 BMKCloud Technologies (Wuhan) was founded.

2016.9 2 Brassica genomic studies published in Nature Genetics.

2016.10 Functional Genomics Summit III,2016 in Beijing.

2016.12 Joint lab Biomarker Technologies-PacBio-Gene Company was established.


2017.1 Awarded as Technology center of Beijing Enterprises.

2017.1 Biomarker-Huiyuan Joint Research Center.

2017.1 Genetic Core for Pratacultural Alliance.

2017.2 BioMarker(BMK)-Theragen (TBI) Coop Meeting.

2017.3 Cooperation with PacBio California, Inc.

2017.8 Certificate on National High-Tech Enterprise.


2018.4 Beijing Biomarker Technologies “Academician Workstation” established.

2018.4 Full-length transcriptome sequencing service launched.

2018.5 Gossypium arboreum genome published on Nature Genetics.

2018.5 Mr. Zheng-hongkun was invitated to President Xi’s talk on 530 Scientific and Technological workers’ Day.

2018.8 Long-term cooperation with Oxford Nanopore established.

2018.10 Autotetraploid Saccharum officinarum Linn genome published on Nature Genetics.

2018.10 2nd PromethION P48 beta arrived in Biomarker Technologies.

2018.10 Over 5,000 Gb sequencing data produced on Nanopore platforms.

2018.11 Functional Gennomics Summit V,2018 in Beijing.

2018.11 World record on ONT single cell production.

2018.12 Tetraploid Gossypium barbadense Linn. genome published on Nature Genetics.

2018.12 200+ genomes assembled on PacBio reads.


2019.3 Waters Xevo G2-XS QTOF MS with UPLC I Class Plus chromatography system set up.

2019.5 10-Years Anniversary.

2019.8 Biomarker Technologies (Qingdao) was founded.

2019.10 Functional Genomics Summit VI,2019 in Beijing.

2019.10 PacBio SequelⅡplatform and Nanopore PromethION 48 platform set up .

2019.11 Full-length 16S/18S/ITS amplicon sequencing service launched.

2019.11 Oryza Sativa Linnaeus and Broussonetia papyrifera genome on Molecular Plant.

2019.12 Leptobrachium leishanense genome on Nature Communications.


2020.03 3rd Nanopore PromethION P48 arrived in Biomarker Technologies.

2020.04 Tea tree genome on Molecular Plant.

2020.06 1000+ PacBio-based projects completed.

2020.10 Functional Genomics Summit VII, 2020 in Beijing.

2020.11 Goldfish genome on PNAS.

2020.12 PromethION flow cell upgraded.

2021.02 Rye genome published on Nature Genetics.

2021.05 60,000 samples sequenced on PacBio Sequel II platform.

2021.05 Over 200 Tb sequencing data produced on Nanopore PromethION P48 platform.

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