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Long non-coding sequencing-Illumina

Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are a type of RNA molecules with length exceeding 200 nt, which are characterize by extremely low coding potential. LncRNA, as a key member in non-coding RNAs, is mainly found in nucleus and plasma. The development in sequencing technology and bioinformtics enables identification of numerous novel lncRNAs and associate those with biological functions. Accumulative evidences suggest that lncRNA is widely involved in epigenetic regulation, transcription regulation and post-transcription regulation.

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Sample Requirements and Delivery



Recommended data

Data QC

rRNA depletion

Illumina PE150

10 Gb



Amount (μg)



≥ 100

≥ 0.5



Limited or no protein or DNA contamination shown on gel.

For plants: RIN≥6.5;

For animals: RIN≥7.0;


limited or no baseline elevation


Tissue: Weight(dry): ≥1 g

*For tissue smaller than 5 mg, we recommend to send flash frozen(in liquid nitrogen) tissue sample.

Cell suspension: Cell count = 3×107
*We recommend to ship frozen cell lysate. In case that cell counts smaller than 5×105, flash frozen in liquid nitrogen is recommended.

Blood samples:
6mLTRIzol and 2mL blood(TRIzol:Blood=3:1)

Recommended Sample Delivery
Container: 2 ml centrifuge tube (Tin foil is not recommended)
Sample labeling: Group+replicate e.g. A1, A2, A3; B1, B2, B3... ...

1.Dry-ice: Samples need to be packed in bags and buried in dry-ice.
2.RNAstable tubes: RNA samples can be dried in RNA stabilization tube(e.g. RNAstable®) and shipped in room temperature.

Service Work Flow

Sample QC

Experiment design

sample delivery

Sample delivery

Pilot experiment

RNA extraction

Library Preparation

Library construction



Data analysis

Data analysis

After sale Services

After-sale services

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  • Bioinformatics



    1.LncRNA classification

    LncRNA predicted by the four softwares above were classified into 4 categories: lincRNA, anti-sense-LncRNA, intronic-LncRNA; sense-LncRNA. LncRNA classification was shown in the histogram below.


    LncRNA classification

    2.Cis-targeted genes of DE-lncRNA enrichment analysis

    ClusterProfiler was employed in GO enrichment analysis on cis-targeted genes of differentially expressed lncRNA (DE-lncRNA), in terms of biological processes, molecular functions and cellular components. GO enrichment analysis is a process to identify DEG-directed significantly enriched GO terms compared to whole genome. The enriched terms were presented in histogram, bubble chart, etc. as shown below.

    Cis-targeted-genes-of-DE-lncRNA-enrichment-analysis--Bubble-chart Cis-targeted genes of DE-lncRNA enrichment analysis -Bubble chart


    3. By comparing the length, exon number, ORF and expression amount of mRNA and lncRNA, we can understand the differences in structure, sequence and so on between them, and also verify whether the novel lncRNA predicted by us conforms to the general characteristics.


    BMK Case

    Deregulated lncRNA expression profile in the mouse lung adenocarcinomas with KRAS‐G12D mutation and P53 knockout

    Published: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine,2019 

    Sequencing strategy


    Sample collection

    The NONMMUT015812-knockdown KP (shRNA-2) cells and negative control (sh-Scr) cells were obtained on day 6 of a specific viral infection.

    Key results

    This study investigate the aberrantly expressed lncRNAs in the mouse lung adenocarcinoma with P53 knockout and the KrasG12D mutation.
    1.6424 lncRNAs were differentially expressed (≥ 2-fold change, P < 0.05).
    2.Among all 210 lncRNAs(FC≥8), 11 lncRNAs’ expression was regulated by P53, 33 lncRNAs by KRAS and 13 lncRNAs by hypoxia in the primary KP cells, respectively.
    3.NONMMUT015812, which was remarkably up-regulated in the mouse lung adenocarcinoma and negatively regulated by the P53 re-expression, was detected to analyse its cellular function.
    4.Knockdown of NONMMUT015812 by shRNAs decreased proliferation and migration abilities of KP cells. NONMMUT015812 was a potential oncogene.


    KEGG pathway analysis of the differentially expressed genes in the NONMMUT015812-knockdown KP cells


    Gene Ontology analysis of the differentially expressed genes in the NONMMUT015812-knockdown KP cells


    Deregulated lncRNA expression profile in the mouse lung adenocarcinomas with KRAS‐G12D mutation and P53 knockout[J]. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 2019, 23(10). DOI: 10.1111/jcmm.14584

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