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Fungal Genome

Biomarker Technologies provide genome survey, fine genome and pene-complete genome of fungal depending on specific research goal. Genome sequencing, assembly and functional annotation can be achieved by combining Next-generation sequencing + Third generation sequencing to achieve high-level genome assembly. Hi-C technology can also be employed to facilitate genome assembly at chromosome level.

Platform:PacBio Sequel II

Nanopore PromethION P48

Illumina NovaSeq Platform

Service Details

Demo Results

Service Advantages

● Multiple sequencing strategies available for different research goals

● Highly experienced in fungi genome assembly with over 10,000 pene-complete genome assembled.

● Professional after-sale technical support team fulfilling more specific research needs.

Service Specifications


Sequencing Strategy

Quality guaranteed

Estimated turn-around time

Fungal fine map

Illumina 50X+Nanopore 100X

Contig N50≥2 Mb

35 working days

PacBio HiFi 30X

Fungal pene-complete map

Illumina 50X+Nanopore 100X(Pacbio HiFi 30X)+Hi-C 100X

Chromosome anchoring ratio >90%

45 working days

Bioinformatics analyses

● Raw data quality control

● Genome assembly

● Genome component analysis

● Gene function annotation

● Comparative genomic analysis


Sample Requirements and Delivery

Sample Requirements:

For DNA extracts:

Sample Type




DNA extracts

> 1.2 μg

> 20 ng/μl

OD260/280= 1.6-2.5

For tissue samples:

Sample type Recommended sample treatment Sample storage and shipment
Unicellular Fungus Observe yeast under microscope and collect them in their exponential phase

Transfer the culture (containing approx. 3-4.5e9 cells) into a 1.5 or 2 ml eppendorf. (Keep on ice)

Centrifuge the tube for 1 min at 14000  g to collect bacteria and remove the supernatant carefully

Seal the tube and freeze the bacteria in liquid nitrogen for at least 1-3 h. Store the tube in -80 ℃ fridge.

Freeze the samples in liquid nitrogen for 3-4 hours and store in liquid nitrogen or -80 degree to long-term reservation. Sample shipping with dry-ice is required.
Macro Fungus Tissue in actively growing phase is recommended.

Rinse the tissue with endotoxin-free water, then 70% ethonal.

Save the sample in cryo-tubes.

Service Work Flow

sample delivery

Sample delivery

Library Preparation

Library construction



Data analysis

Data analysis

After sale Services

After-sale services

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