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Human Whole Exome Sequencing-01(1)

BMKCloud is an easy-to-use bioinformatics platform that enables researchers to rapidly analyze high-throughput sequencing data and gain biological insights. It integrates bioinformatics analysis software, databases, and cloud computing into a single platform, providing users with direct data-to-report bioinformatics pipelines and various mapping tools, advanced mining tools, and public databases. BMKCloud has been widely trusted by researchers in various fields including medicine, agriculture, environment, etc. Data import, parameter setting, task placement, result viewing and sorting can be done through the platform's web interface. Unlike Linux command line and other interfaces used in traditional bioinformatics analysis, BMKCloud platform doesn't require any programming experience and is friendly to genomics researchers without programming knowledge. BMKCloud is committed to becoming your personal bioinformatician by providing a one-stop solution from your data to your story.

How BMKCloud Analysis Platform Works

DHBS (3)

Import Data

Sign-up online, import and convert common file types with a simple drag and drop.

DHBS (2)

Data Analysis

Fully automated analysis pipelines for multi-omics research areas.

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Report Delivery

The results are available online in customizable and interactive reports.

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Data Mining

20 + items of personalized analysis function, to achieve meaningful insights.


Video Guidelines

Video Guideline: How to Download Report on BMKCloud

Video Guideline: How to Submit Task on BMKCloud

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Report Viewing Guideline

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