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Pacbio Full-length transcriptome


Pacbio Full-length transcriptome

PacBio Full-Length Transcriptome Sequencing, Isoseq, enables accurate identification of transcript isoforms, shedding light on alternative polyadenylation and splicing, and leading to more accurate gene expression analysis. The BMKCloud PacBio Full-Length Transcriptome pipeline is designed to analyze cDNA libraries sequenced in Circular Consensus Sequencing (CCS) mode and identifies Full-Length Non-Chimeric (FLNC) sequences, which are then clustered into non-redundant transcripts. A subsequent BUSCO analysis assesses the completeness of the transcriptome assembly. From the assembled transcriptome, multiple analyses are performed: alternative splicing, simple sequence repeat (SSR), prediction of lncRNA and corresponding target genes, prediction of novel genes, gene family analysis, transcription factor analysis, and functional annotation of transcripts.




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