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BMKMANU S1000 Spatial Transcriptome

Spatial organization of cells plays vital role in various biological processes, such as immune infiltration, embryo development, etc. Spatial transcriptome sequencing, which indicates gene expression profiling while retaining information of spatial position, has provide great insights into transcriptome-level tissue architecture. With the development of technology, the ultra-clear tissue morphology and the real structural difference of spatial molecular expression need to be studied with higher resolution. BMKGENE provides comprehensive, one-stop spatial transcriptome sequencing service from samples to biological insights.

Spatial transcriptomics technologies empowered novel perspectives in diverse research arena by resolving gene expression profile with spatial content in heterogenous samples.

Spatial transcriptome chip: BMKMANU S1000

Platform: Illumina NovaSeq Platform

Service Details


Demo Results

BMKMANU S1000 Spatial Transcriptome Technical Scheme


Advantages of BMKMANU S1000

1) Sub-cellular resolution: Each capture area contained >2 million spatial Barcoded Spots with a diameter of 2.5 µm and a spacing of 5 µm between spot centers, enabling spatial transcriptome analysis with sub-cellular resolution (5 µm).

s1000 (1)

2) Multi-level resolution analysis: Flexible multi-level analysis ranging from 100 μm to 5 μm to resolve diverse tissue features at optimal resolution.

s1000 (2)

3) Comprehensive transcriptome profiling: Transcripts captured from the entire tissue slide can be analyzed, without restriction on number of target genes and target area.

s1000 (3)

Service Specifications


Sequencing strategy

Data Output recommended

S1000 cDNA library

BMKMANU S1000-Illumina PE150


Sample Requirments




RNA Quality 

OCT embedded tissue block

2-3 blocks/ sample

Approx. 6.8x6.8x6.8 mm3


For more details on sample preparation guidance and service workflow, please feel free to talk to a

Service Work Flow

Sample QC

Experiment design

sample delivery

Sample delivery

Pilot experiment


Spatial barcoding

Spatial barcoding

Library Preparation

Library construction



Data analysis

Data analysis

After sale Services

After-sale services

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    The data generated by BMKMANU S1000 is analyzed using the software “BSTMatrix”, which is independently designed by BMKGENE, including:

    1) Gene expression matrix generation
    2) HE image processing
    3) Compatible with downstream third-party software for analysis
    4) Online “BSTViewer” helps to obtain visualization results at different resolutions.

    1.Spot clustering

    s1000 (4)

    2.Spatial distribution

    s1000 (5)s1000 (6)

    Note: Resolution level=13 (100 µm, left); 7 (50 µm, right)

    3.Marker expression abundance clustering heatmap

    s1000 (7)

    4.Inter-sample data analysis

    s1000 (8)


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