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  • Metagenomic Sequencing -NGS

    Metagenomic Sequencing -NGS

    Metagenome refers to a collection of total genetic material of a mixed community of organisms, such as environmental metagenome, human metagenome, etc. It contains genomes of both cultivatable and uncultivatable microorganisms. Metagenomic sequencing is a molecular tool used to analyze the mixed genomic materials extracted from environmental samples, which provides detailed information in species diversity and abundancy, population structure, phylogenetic relationship, functional genes and correlation network with environmental factors.

    Platform:Illumina NovaSeq Platform

  • Metagenomic Sequencing-Nanopore

    Metagenomic Sequencing-Nanopore

    Metagenomics is a molecular tool used to analyse the mixed genomic materials extracted from environmental samples, which provides detailed information in species diversity and abundancy, population structure, phylogenetic relationship, functional genes and correlation network with environmental factors, etc. Nanopore sequencing platforms has recently introduced to metagenomic studies. Its outstanding performance in read length largely enhanced down stream metagenomic analysis, especially metagenome assembly. Taking advantages of read-length, Nanopore-based metagenomic study is able to achieve more continuous assembly comparing with shot-gun metagenomics. It has been published that Nanopore-based metagenomics successfully generated complete and closed bacterial genomes from microbiomes (Moss, E. L., et. al, Nature Biotech, 2020)

    Platform:Nanopore PromethION P48

  • 16S/18S/ITS Amplicon Sequencing-PacBio

    16S/18S/ITS Amplicon Sequencing-PacBio

    The subunit on 16S and 18S rRNA containing both highly conserved and hyper-variable regions is a perfect molecular fingerprint for prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms identification. Taking advantage of sequencing, these amplicons can be targeted based on the conserved parts and the hyper-variable regions can be fully characterized for microbial identification contributing to studies covering microbial diversity analysis, taxonomy, phylogeny, etc. Single-molecule real-time(SMRT) sequencing of PacBio platform enables obtaining of highly accurate long reads, which could cover full-length amplicons (approx. 1.5 Kb). The widen view of genetic field greatly enhanced the resolution in species annotation in bacteria or fungi community.

    Platform:PacBio Sequel II 

  • 16S/18S/ITS Amplicon Sequencing-NGS

    16S/18S/ITS Amplicon Sequencing-NGS

    16S/18S/ITS amplicon sequencing aims at revealing phylogeny, taxonomy, and species abundance in a microbial community by investigating PCR products of housekeeping genetic markers that contain both highly conversed and hypervariable parts. The introduction of these perfect molecular fingerprint by Woeses et al,(1977) empowers  isolation-free microbiome profiling. Sequencing of 16S (bacteria), 18S (fungi) and Internal transcribed spacer(ITS, fungi) allows identification of both abundant species as well as rare and unidentified species. This technology has becoming a widely applied and major tool in identifying differential microbial composition in various environments, such as human mouth, intestines, feces, etc.

    Platform:Illumina NovaSeq Platform

  • Bacterial and Fungal Whole Genome Re-Sequencing

    Bacterial and Fungal Whole Genome Re-Sequencing

    Bacterial and fungal whole genome re-sequencing is a critical tool to complete the genomes of known bacterium and fungi, as well as to compare multiple genomes or to map genomes of new organisms. It is of great importance to sequence entire genomes of bacterium and fungi in order to generate accurate reference genomes, to do microbial identification and other comparative genome studies.

    Platform:Illumina NovaSeq Platform

  • Metatranscriptome Sequencing

    Metatranscriptome Sequencing

    Metatranscriptome sequencing indentifies gene expression of microbes (both eukaryotes and prokaryotes) within natural enviroments (i.e. soil, water, sea, feces, and gut.).Specifically, this services allows you to obtain whole gene expression profiling of complex microbial communities, taxonomic analysis of species, functional enrichment analysis of differently expressed genes, and more.

    Platform: Illumina NovaSeq Platform

  • Fungal Genome

    Fungal Genome

    Biomarker Technologies provide genome survey, fine genome and pene-complete genome of fungal depending on specific research goal. Genome sequencing, assembly and functional annotation can be achieved by combining Next-generation sequencing + Third generation sequencing to achieve high-level genome assembly. Hi-C technology can also be employed to facilitate genome assembly at chromosome level.

    Platform:PacBio Sequel II

    Nanopore PromethION P48

    Illumina NovaSeq Platform

  • Bacteria Complete Genome

    Bacteria Complete Genome

    Biomarker Technologies provides sequencing service on constructing complete genome of bacteria with zero gap. Main workflow of bacteria complete genome construction includes third generation sequencing, assembly, functional annotation and advanced bioinformatic analysis fulfilling specific research goals. A more comprehensive profiling of bacteria genome empowers revealing of fundamental mechanisms underlying their biological processes, which could also provide valuable reference for genomic researches in higher eukaryotic species

    Platform:Nanopore PromethION P48 + Illumina NovaSeq Platform

    PacBio Sequel II

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