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ASM Microbe 2024-01(1)

ASM Microbe 2024 is coming. As a company dedicated to exploring the mysteries of genes and providing the forefront biotechnology services, BMKGENE hereby officially announces that we will be present at the event with the cutting-edge technologies and one-stop sequencing solutions from sample preparation to biological insights We will be waiting for you at booth #1614 from June 13th to 17th.

 ASM Microbe 2024 unites global microbiology leaders, researchers, and industry professionals. This premier event showcases pioneering research, state-of-the-art technologies, and collaborative opportunities. With diverse presentations and interactive sessions, ASM Microbe fosters knowledge exchange and networking. Join us in advancing microbiology’s frontiers at ASM Microbe 2024.

 At this annual microbiology event, we will showcase a series of highlights:

 One-stop sequencing solutions: We will comprehensively display our company’s sequencing solutions in the field of microbiology, such as metagenomics sequencing, amplicon sequencing, bacterial and fungal sequencing, revealing the infinite possibilities of life for you.

 Sharing technology frontier: We have invited experts and scholars in the industry to conduct in-depth exchanges and discussions on hot issues in microbiology and jointly explore the future development trends of the industry.

 Exploring cooperation opportunities: We hope to establish close cooperation with peers around the world to jointly promote the progress of microbiology research. If you are interested in our services, welcome to our booth #1614 and talk with us.

 Providing wonderful experience: In addition to professional academic discussions, we have also prepared a variety of interactive experience activities for you, allowing you to experience the charm of microbiology in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

 ASM Microbe 2024 is not only an academic exchange platform, but also a stage to inspire innovative thinking. We look forward to your arrival and start this feast of microbiology with us!

 Join us and explore the infinite possibilities of the microscopic world!


Post time: Jun-04-2024

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