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 (EACR 2024)-01(3)EACR2024 is about to open in Rotterdam Netherlands at June 10th-13th. As service provider in the field of biotechnology, BMKGENE will bring elite attendees to the feast of multi-omics sequencing solutions at booth #56.

As the top event in the global cancer research field in Europe, EACR brings together experts, scholars, researchers and business representatives from the industry. This conference aims to share the latest results in the field of cancer research, discuss cutting-edge technologies, and promote the development of global cancer prevention and treatment.

BMKGENE will showcase innovative spatial transcriptomics sequencing technology, providing invaluable insights into the mechanisms underlying biological processes in a wide range of fields, including oncology, neuroscience, developmental biology, immunology, and botanical studies. We believe that BMKGENE’s latest technological progress in the fields of gene sequencing and bioinformatics will bring more biological insights of cancer research and hope to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Meanwhile, our expert team will be deeply involved in discussions on various topics and contribute wisdom to the development of the industry. We also take this opportunity to have in-depth dialogues with industry leaders to jointly discuss the development trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of biotechnology, and contribute to the advancement of the industry.

Participating in EACR2024 is of extremely high value to BMKGENE. This is not only an excellent platform to showcase the company’s strength and innovative achievements, but also an important opportunity to communicate with industry elites and expand cooperation. We hope that through this participation in the conference, we can further promote the company’s development in the field of biotechnology and bring more benefits to cancer patients around the world.

We sincerely invite all partners and industry colleagues to visit the event. Let us work together to explore a new era of biotechnology and contribute more to the health of all mankind!

Looking forward to your arrival!



Post time: May-29-2024

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