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会议名称:FEMS2023改 -01(1)

ESHG2024 will be opened from June 1st to June 4th, 2024 at Berlin, Germany. BMKGENE is waiting for you at booth #426!

As the most influential international event in the field of biotechnology, ESHG2024 brings together top experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Here, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the most cutting-edge research results, experience the most intense collision of ideas, and embark on the brightest journey of vision.

BMKGENE, as a company dedicated to biotechnology R&D and innovation, will join hands with colleagues in the industry to showcase our latest Spatial transcriptomics technology on the stage of ESHG2024. From high-throughput sequencing service to BMKCloud bioinformatics analysis platform, from sequencing data to biological insights, we continue to explore and innovate to contribute to human health and well-being.

Here, BMKGENE sincerely invites you to attend ESHG2024, visit our booth and learn about our services. May we explore the mysteries of life and create the future of science and technology together on the stage of ESHG2024.

We look forward to seeing you!

Post time: May-23-2024

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