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Experience the Power of PacBio Revio with BMKGENE! Higher throughput! Lower cost! Special Offer!

BMKGENE is proud to announce the availability of PacBio's advanced sequencer, Revio, which helps us deliver higher throughput and higher quality long-read sequencing services to researchers. 


*Why Choose PacBio Revio?

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*Applications of PacBio Revio

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• Genome sequencing

1.De Novo genome assembly - Revio contributes to the high-quality sequencing and assembly of super-large and complex genomes, providing critical insights into genetic variation, gene structure, and function.
2.T2T genome - Revio, combined with techniques such as Hi-C, can improve the quality of conventional genomes and help more species acquire a T2T-level reference genome, enabling researchers to better understand the genetic diversity within and between populations.
3.Whole genome sequencing - Revio can provide comprehensive insights into the structure and function of entire genomes, including SNP, Indel, SV, CNV, etc., especially for large-scale genetic populations.
4.Pan-genome sequencing - Revio is ideal for efficiently and inexpensively sequencing and assembling multiple genomes of a species simultaneously to construct a pan-genome, providing critical insights into genomic variation and evolution.

• Transcriptome sequencing

1.Full-length transcript sequencing - With its long read lengths, Revio enables high-quality full-length transcript sequencing, providing comprehensive insights into alternative splicing, gene fusion, and isoform expression.
2.Full-length expression profile of large-scale samples - Revio can provide highly accurate quantification of gene expression levels across large-scale samples, enabling important insights into gene regulation and cell differentiation.
3.Single-cell transcriptome sequencing - Revio can provide high-resolution single-cell transcriptomics data, enabling researchers to study cellular heterogeneity and identify rare cell types.

• Microbial sequencing

1.16S full-length sequencing - Revio enables high-quality 16S rRNA sequencing, providing detailed insights into microbial community composition and function.
2.Long-read amplicon sequencing - Revio is well-suited for long-read amplicon sequencing, which enables researchers to study microbial diversity in complex ecosystems.

*Benefits of Choosing BMKGENE's Revio Service

1.Independent ownership - We have purchased and equipped Revio sequencers independently, allowing us to offer flexible scheduling options and faster turnaround times.

2.Extensive experience - With our extensive library preparation and sequencing experience with PacBio sequencers, we guarantee high-quality results and can provide customized solutions for your specific project needs.

3.Complete analysis platform - Our professional bioinformatics team provides comprehensive data analysis with our complete multi-omics bioinformatics analysis platform, enabling researchers to easily analyze, visualize, and interpret their Revio sequencing data.

4.Proven track record - Our cooperative projects have been published in high-quality journals such as Cell, Nature Genetics, and PNAS, demonstrating our commitment to quality and scientific rigor.

If you need more information or customized solutions, please consult with a BMKGENE scientist to get started on your project design.

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